Parish Administration & Support

Pastoral Council

Consultative group advises the Pastor on parish matters. All committees report to and are held accountable to this council. Must be confirmed and a member of St. Nicholas to run for council.

Finance Committee

Advisory committee. Make decisions affecting the financial stability of the parish. Initiate policies and control procedures as required. Objectivity is a necessity. Committee is composed of the Pastor, trustees and one liaison from the Pastoral Council or persons appointed by the Pastor.

Building & Grounds Committee

Inspect building condition, grounds and equipment to identify maintenance issues. Brainstorm solutions and make maintenance recommendations to the Finance Committee and/or Pastoral Council.

Liturgy/Environment Committees

Liturgy Committee members ensure changing needs of the parish are reflected in its liturgical life. Environment Committee members decorate following the Church’s guidelines for liturgical season.

Cemetery Board

Oversee operation and maintenance of parish cemetery. Develop policies regarding grounds care and standards. Cemetery funding provided by donations, separate from general fund.

Parish Life Committee

Build a sense of community by promoting hospitality through social events that welcome and include parishioners, growing our parish family.


Build and maintain parish web page. Great opportunity for parish youth to share their talents.

Monday Morning Money Counters

Count Mass offerings, prepare required paperwork and deposit offerings to bank. Completed at the parish office in teams of two.

Spring/Fall Grounds Clean Up

Gather to clean, pick up, and perform building maintenance on parish grounds.